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I need to find a balance between Digital Scrapbooking and physical Scrapbooking. I go in spurts for each of them. But I really need to find a happy medium. I think for me digital scrapbooking is a creative outlet when I can't find the time or can't be bothered pulling out all my goodies. It's not a place for journalling, but a blank canvas for me to be creative.

I love that, when I'm doing digital scrapbooking, I limit myself to the kit that I'm working on at the moment. Whereas with the physical, because I don't have a Kit Club Subscription, I have too much to choose from and most of the time I get overwhelmed.

I also love my style, as a digital scrapbooker, its clean, fresh, and simple. I do still like the look of mixed media on my layouts, but just the simplest stuff.

Alright friends, what are your crafty plans this weekend?


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