Scrapbooking // I'll be yours and You''ll be mine

Oh man is August went by so quickly. I need to stop and take a breath. I'm finally back on full time hours at work, and it is kicking my butt! I can't believe its been over 4 years that I've not had a full 40hr work week!

But these past few weeks have been very productive outside of the internet world. I've lost 10 lbs! woot woot, thanks to little to no sugar, smaller portions, eating more veggies and a little Jillian Michaels here and there. I'm not too strict on this diet, as I've given myself plenty of time to get to my goal weight.

I've got a ton of websites, logos, and event planning projects on the go (all at once) But I think if I pace myself I won't get too overwhelmed with it. Although at the moment my design skills are wasted on my full time job... SERIOUSLY?! Oh well...

Anyways I needed another creative outlet. So I made this layout the other day. It took me longer than I wanted it to. I got all mix media on this layout only to cover all of it in the end! haha

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  1. Darling photos and layout, Katherine, love all the layers and the texture from the embossing paste! Congrats on the weight loss, like you I'm limiting the bad foods or else this would go a whole lot faster! hahaha! xo