CURRENTLY // 5:45pm

watching // Season 5 of The Good Wife
reading // blogs, playing catch up (I've been working on a project that has just been taking over my life for the last 2 months! Almost done)
listening // Meghan Trainor Title Album
eating // cheese string
drinking // cold coffee
planning // our meals for the week
scrapping // random layouts with no pictures waiting for a costco sale!
pinning // inspiration for my cousin's Debut invitations
loving // how well Liviepa plays by herself.

 I know this is going around the internet and I'm sure she doesn't take any credit for it (and neither do it ) but, Miss Nadine from The Beautiful Ordinary, gave me idea for this prompt. Just thought I'd give her a shout out!

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  1. Awesome! So happy to discover your blog! Yeah!!!