Projects // Amber & Ollie

I was so excited when my brother asked my sister and I to help pick out a ring for his girlfriend, Amber. We knew that she wanted something vintage-esq and I'm pretty sure we nailed it, she said yes after all!

I was very honoured when she asked me to help design their wedding invitations. She put together a Pin board and we sat together brainstorming ideas. We came to a conclusion that she wanted lace and blush pink with a gold accent. I played around with some ideas and I came up with an idea that wasn't quite what we had talked about but I shot the idea to her and she loved it. We did manage to incorporate all the accents she wanted. We also added a little homage for my brother seeing as this was a VERY girlie invitation.

My brother is a big time gamer! He even quit his job as an electrician to "test" video games for a year! He joked around with Amber saying that he wanted to incorporate steam punk as the vintage element. They argued about it for awhile, because that wasn't the type of vintage she was going for. I told him that I'm sure we can incorporate his love for Metal Gear Solid somewhere in the wedding! He agreed knowing full well that he wasn't going to get his way at all. Lucky for him I was able to add a little flair to the invites.

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  1. Gorgeous invitations and the gears and lace complement each other beautifully, as I'm sure the bride and groom do! :)