Projects // OTK Welding Mood board

So, I'm designing a logo and business cards for my Dad's welding company. As much as I don't like to admit it, my dad and I have the exact same personality and I definitely get alot of my physical traits from him. Needless to say we butt heads ALOT! I still love him, obviously! But, I get frustrated with him easily, I refuse to have a conversation with him on the phone that lasts longer than a minute (seriously!), we have very strong opinions, and even stronger voices. As much as I can say all that I've been noticing that our dynamics have changed, I always went to him and my mom for his advice on everything, he's my dad I trust him! And now he and my mom have been asking us for our opinions about alot of things from real estate to family decisions. They respect what we have to say and they definitely take it into consideration. I love that we have that relationship.

As I was showing him how to use Pinterest and explaining to him my process for design I realized that there was no way he was going to sift through a billion photos and choose the "mood" of his brand. And I wasn't going to sit there with him whilst he did that. So I started with colours, I kinda had an idea of what he was looking for so I put together a few images and created this mood board for him. And he liked it (surprise).

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