Inspired // June

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Okay, these colours don't really scream out June to me, however, we are having an unusual hot spring and I guess it is technically summer. So why not start off our Inspired summer series with some fun colours! 


Little Lamm & Co. // Creative Team Call


Little Lamm & Co. is looking for Creative Team Members if you love scrapbooking, hybrid and digital layouts this is your chance to apply.

I have worked with Amie, and her team this past year and I have loved every kit she has put out. You will get ton's of inspiration and ideas for layouts from all her gorgeous scrapbooking kits.

 Click here to apply. Deadline is June 17th.

Here are just a few of my past layouts, using her kits.


Little Lamm & Co. // Hammock Release

Hey hey hey!

Come check out the new release from Amie at Little Lamm & Co. This layout was made with the Hammock Scrapbook kit, now available at her store at The Digital Press.

 I love the colours of this kit. It definitely screams sunshine and spring! I am loving the warmer weather we're having here for spring, cannot wait until summer.... well maybe I can after all I'll be preggo during this summer, and I've been told I may not get my wish for A/C this year! oy vey!


Digital Scrapbooking // You

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts this week! I've been recovering from the weekend! Yes, it has taken this long! I caught a cold on Sunday, my back is killing me, and I've been sleeping at 8:00pm, and still waking up exhausted! This pregnancy has taken a toll on me, or maybe I'm just a wimp!

So needless to say I haven't done much crafting these days. But I have been playing around with some digital scrapbooking. Hope you guys like it!

I've been playing along with challenges on Pixel Scrapper, and I've falling in love with this designer, Digitee Designs. I love her style, its colourful and fresh!

If you're interested in getting started with digital scrapbooking, Pixel Scrapper offer tons of tutorials and a great subscriber account! You get unlimited downloads to all the products for just $5 for personal use or $10 for commercial use! Seriously guys, so worth it.

Digital Scrapbooking at Pixel Scrapper


Dylan @ 5

I'm not a sentimental person, the husband can tell you that, and so can my family. But when it comes to my kids, it's just different.

Miss Dylan turns 5 today, and I'm sad to say, it didn't start off the way I planned... the girls woke up super early, and hopped into my bed, we sang Dylan happy birthday and I let them watch some cartoons on my bed while I hopped in the shower and got ready.

We had cereal and I had coffee and told them they could help decorate the cupcakes for daycare, when they finished. All was well, I even let them have one cupcake each while decorating and then Dylan sneezed, all over the first batch of cupcakes.... UGH instead of letting it go, and saying it's ok we have another batch, I yelled at her. As soon as I saw her face I should have stopped, but I didn't... I lost it. I sent her upstairs, and was just so upset at myself and the situation that I needed to walk away, and take a breather.

I went upstairs to her room where she was sitting sobbing, and I told her I was so sorry and I didn't mean to say those things to her, and that we have another batch of cupcakes to give to just the preschoolers at her daycare. And just like Dylan always does, she gives me a hug and says "It's ok Mommy. That's ok if only the little kids get the cupcakes, the older kids don't need them."

That girl. She is so many things.

She is so forgiving, and so sweet. She's stubborn and passionate, fierce, creative and smart. She can make you laugh so hard at something that just doesn't make any sense. She is focused and reliable, but clumsy for the most part. She dresses in whatever she likes and she doesn't care what people think. She's polite and loving.

That girl will be so many things.